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My name is Tiffany. I'm a mother, wife, and book lover. All of my spare time is dedicated to books.



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I'm not gonna lie, I don't get a lot of questions. But just in case I do, here you go!

Will you review my book?

Most of the time, my answer will be yes. It just has to be a physical copy due to me not being able to handle looking at screen for a long time. 

Do you get paid for doing reviews?

No. I do this for my enjoyment. It's also my way to give back to these amazing authors who have blessed this world with their talent.

I see that you promote all kinds of books, will you promote mine?

Of course, just make sure you let me know ahead of time and not like the day before you want it posted!! Fill out the form here: APPLY!

How do you get so many books?

I buy most of them. I do big hauls for my birthday, Christmas, Valentine's, etc. Other than that, I'll shop at dollar stores, local libraries or Goodwill. 

I also enter in a butt load of giveaways. 

I can't forget about all the online stuff I do. I do surveys and whatnot for extra cash for my books. Not all of the money comes out of my pocket. I would be broke as crap.

How long have you been blogging?

Since about the summer of 2016? I've always wanted to do it, just never had the inspiration. 

Who else runs the blog with you?

Me, myself, and I. I don't think I'll ever ask anyone else to run this blog with me. I feel as if this is my second child and no one else can help raise it.

What type of books do you accept for review?

Honestly? If it seems interesting to me, I'll read it. It can be self-published or published by a big fancy publishing company. If it's a good book, it's a good book. 


Maria Corley said...

Where do you live? I'm interested in a review, if you are in Canada or the USA.

Tiffany Engler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiffany Engler said...

I live in the US :)

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