Alright guys! I have some new updates coming along. I have a full-time and part-time job now. Meaning, I'll have less time to read. Which also means less time for my blog.

I will still be doing reviews for every book I read. I probably won't accept anymore review requests unless it's from a book I really want to read.

I won't post monthly book hauls anymore. I will still post all of the books I own on my bookshelf page. You can find that HERE.

I may or may not post my monthly wrap ups anymore. Like I said, I may not have the time. But you can always see what I am reading on the right side of my blog with the Goodreads application.

ALSO, sadly, no more giveaways. I currently do not have the funds to continue doing them. I may bring them back in the future.

I really hope that everyone still sticks around even with these changes.