Top 10 Tuesday: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

I don't think this topic is going to be very hard for me to do. As much as I am trying to broaden my horizons with what books I read, there's still a ton that I will never touch.

Do you guys share any of these? If so, please say so in the comments! Or go ahead and list your own :)
1. Twilight: Never have I ever read Twilight. I will never pick it up. It doesn't get vampires right at all and I can't stand it!!!

2. Aliens: I just can't see myself reading anything that doesn't belong in this world. I also can't pick up anything that involves space.

3. Autobiographies: I'm sorry, I can't see myself reading so much about someone's life.

4. Westerns: My grandpa owns so many westerns. I just don't think I'll EVER pick one up.

5. Poetry: I have read a poetry book in the last couple of months. I gave it a go, but honestly? I feel like poetry books aren't anything like novels. I can see myself picking it up randomly and finding a random page. But I can't see myself sitting down and reading it in one sitting.

6. Racism: I cannot read a book that promotes racism as a good thing. Just can't do it.

7. Zombies: I hate zombies. I hate zombie movies and shows. I'm 99% sure I'll hate zombie books. I did pick up a zombie book the other day though. I should definitely give it a go before I decide to never read it.

8. How-To's: I hate "how to" books. Example: How To Be A Good Parent. It's so bogus and an easy way for people to make money selling bullshit.

9. Recipe Books: I like to cook every once and a while. But for the life of me, I hate reading recipes from a book. I just prefer finding a random recipe online.

10. Dystopian: This was a tough one to add. I read the Hunger Games and loved it. I just don't think I'll be able to pick up another dystopian and enjoy it. I like more realistic books!


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