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Beautiful Bastard Title: Fallen
Author: P.J. Fox
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Beautiful Bastard


In entrepreneur and billionaire heir Dane, Ani sees a man who is gorgeous, brilliant... and intimidating. But in the equally intimidating world in which they live, a world that rose from the ashes of the Third World War and that now prizes dominance above almost all else, he's perfect. Ani, who's known her whole life that she doesn't belong in this world, is startled to discover that-despite what he is, or maybe because of it-she might not hate him quite as much as she thinks. He might be her polar opposite, but he has a lure that, try as she might, she can't deny.

Dane, meanwhile, finds himself unable to resist Ani's independent spirit. Even though he, as a product of the society that's given him so much, has long regarded such spirit as anything but a virtue. He likes his women like he likes everything else: on his own terms. Can he, he wonders, tame her?

And will Ani let herself be tamed?

And can she, a pacifist in a world of violence, keep herself safe? Because, despite its veneer of civility, this brave new world is a violent place; no trappings of wealth, and privilege, can disguise that fact. Crimes of all kinds, up to and including murder, are more than tolerated; under the guise of keeping society stable, they're encouraged. Particularly on one night of the year, a night that's fast approaching: the highlight of every loyal citizen's year, the night of the Purge.


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