Saturday, November 19, 2016

GIVEAWAY Indebted Epilogue by Pepper Winters (CLOSED)

Hello everyone! I've decided to do a little giveaway here on my blog. If you like Pepper Winters as much as I do, you'll love this giveaway.

I bought this book before I bought the rest of the Indebted series. I bought the series in the combined books. Well, little did I know, in books #4-6 it includes the epilogue. I now have a book I do not need on my shelf!

Here is what all is included in my giveaway:

  • Indebted Epilogue by Pepper Winters
  • Heart shaped paper clips
  • "Remember This" Notebook
  • Cranberry Smash Scented Candle

You can enter the giveway here!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends on 12/25/2016
Winner has 48 hours to respond to my email. US entries only! 

Don't be rude :)


Becca said...

Thanks for the chance!
My favorite book from Pepper is...well, I can't choose. So, I'll say my first read from her: Unseen Messages

Arwen said...

Thanks for the chance. :) I'm a huge fan of Pepper Winters and I read all her books and loved them all so much but Tears of Tess was my 1st book I read of Pepper's... So it's my favorite book of hers. :)

joyce pennington said...

Thank you for the chance!
I love Pepper Winters...#1fangirl
My favorite is the Monsters in the Dark Series,
But Dollar series very very good too!

Tanya Wilkins said...

Love the indebted series the best but monsters in the dark is a close second! Currently half way through unseen messages and is waiting for hundreds to come out!

Thank you!

Eleni Blana said...

I've got to say, Q is my guy and I always wanted to read the Indebted series. Here's my excuse ^_^ Thank you for the chance :)

Tiffany Engler said...

Q is definitely at the top of my list of favorite characters. Although, Jethro is catching up to him. I'm almost finished with the Indebted series and I'm beyond glad I picked them up! You'll love them!

Tiffany Engler said...

I haven't read the Dollar series yet! I'm thinking I'm going to get them at the beginning of the year!

Tiffany Engler said...

Tears of Tess is mine as well :)

Betul E. said...

Unseen Messages is my favorite by Pepper <3

Unknown said...

Quintessly Q I feel in love with Q more in that book. I love all her books but Dollars is a top read also

Cassidy Rus said...

My favorite Pepper Winters book would have to be Tears of Tess, with Ruin and Rule as a close second.

jean602 said...

My favorite is the dollar series.
Nancy Burgess

Kimberly Perry said...

The Indebited series is my favorite!!

Puteecat said...

One of my Favorite series!!!!
Thanks for the chance!!

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