How I Pay For My Books

I honestly don't like spending money out of pocket. I'm weird about it. I'd rather keep all my money for bills and whatnot. But, I love to read and I enjoy the feeling of buying books. So what do I do?

  • Qriket: The easiest thing I do is an app called Qriket. You download the app and just do spins that give you anything between .05-.20 cents. You watch ads to get more spins and that's it. It's not much but it does add up and it'll eventually be worth it. It's a bonus that it's not hard work and it's not stressful.

    There are referral codes you can give to people. It can help you get more spins and money!! So if you want to sign up take my code with you! C83CF3
  • Inboxdollars: This one can be easy but it does involve some work. You can get money by searching the web, watching videos and doing surveys. There's other things you can do but that's basically all I do.

    I've racked up $91.84 since I've started doing this last year. It's not a lot but it does buy a decent amount of books!!

    Check out InboxDollars here:
  • Walmart Savings Catcher: Just download the app, sign up and scan your Walmart receipts every time you go shopping. The app searches all of the stores around you and the deals they having going on and you get money for it. It's so easy.
  • Amazon Mturk: Mturk gives you activities to do and gives you money for it. The more activities you do, the more you qualify for and the more you make. It's that simple.

I know it's not an ideal thing, making money via internet. But if you have extra time on your hands, why not?


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